Friends And Family Raise Cash For Peyton Blankenship

ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Love can presentemerge in many ways. Saturday, it can be found in the kind of more than 100 gallons of chicken and goat soup.”I didn’t realize how numerousthe number of people like chicken stew,” says Larry Blankenship, Peytons dad.

Peyton came homegot home for the first time in over 90 days, after he suffered major injuries in a vehicle crash, back in December. Saturday, good friends and familyloved ones held a charity event for him.

Reality be informed, the soup was just a bonus, since the cashthe cash was really for the Blankenship household. “He has a terrible brain injury, he had a busted femur and a busted finger and we’re just truly concerned about the brain injury,” says Kaitlyn Blankenship, Peytons sibling.

It was a long process just for Peyton to get house, after extended remain at Huntsville Hospital and a rehab facility in Atlanta.”And the nurses down there were truly, truly excellent therefore it’s simply losing that and coming housegetting back. It’s all on Mother and Papa, says Larry.

Peytons sis was among the chief organizers these days fundraising event. “My brother is my finest palfriend … we’re really close, she says.

It included soup and baked goods for sale and a silent auction. She estimates nearly a thousand people visited to invest a little money or to provide up a hug.”We just worked and worked and worked to obtain this together,” states Kaitlyn.

And while the whole Blankenship household, especially Peyton, has a long way to go, theyre just taking everything one day, one action, and one cup of soup at a time.

“Peyton’s still alive, that’s the mainmain point, and he’s getting better every day, states Larry.

If you want to contribute to the Blankenship household, you can contribute at any TVA Credit Union place.