Fine Art: Privisa Is A Lovely New Animated Movie

Privisa is an approaching animated function movie made in Poland, which is everything about a kid who just does not desire to adult.

From the developers:

It tells the story of Wilkan, kid of the great hunter Borzymir who will get his very first hairstyle. He findsdiscovers that the seniors of the people revealed the list of the oldest who will be soon taking the routine of last journey. His beloved grandfather Stanimir is amongst them. The troubled child will do everything to stop the event and that gets him and the entirethe entire village (Privisa) a lot of difficulty.

Now, why is this on Art? Firstly, due to the fact that it looks rad! And 2nd, since of a great deal of the individualsindividuals involved, who have worked on games like The Witcher 3 and with business like Electronic Arts.

Likewise, isn’t really the setting cool? We see a great deal of movies about historical Japan, or Western Europe, however ancient Eastern Europe? Not so much.

Its being directed by Marcin Karolewski (whose Witcher 3 work we showcased just recently), and is a group effort between Polish studio Juice (who simply opened a Tokyo branch), Platige Movies and Flat Foot Films.

You can check out a trailer and some unbelievable principle art images from the movie below.

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