Courses Have To Be Recognized By TVTC

JEDDAH: The Kingdom has seen a variety of unlicensed operators offering training courses in the Kingdom, raising concerns about quality, according to a report in a local publication on Tuesday.These courses are not certified by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation(TVTC )and consists of appeal workshops, business training and fitness courses. NumerousA lot of them are provided online without TVTC supervision.Mashael Al-Harabi, who has many such”certifications,” said these courses are not reliable. There are so lots ofa lot of available now that it has ended up being like purchasing from a menu in a dining establishment, he was priced estimate as saying.Muna Al-Ghamdi from the preparation and advancement department at the Yanbu education department, called for higher control over the business providing these courses on the Internet. Fahd Al-Otaibi, spokesperson of the TVTC, stated certain business are clearly breaking the regulations, and alerted there would be penalties for their owners.” We will interact with the governorates to stop these sort of activities and apply the right punishment,” he stated. He said the TVTC was the only celebration responsible for training and issuing certificates.Salah Al-Radadi, head of the culture and information ministry in Madinah, said media courses need to
be authorized by the ministry. He likewise urged the general public to do background checks prior to applyingobtaining courses.Maryam Mohammadi, director of management, training and scholarship at the Madinah education department, stated the TVTC was the only body allowed to certify courses. The Education Ministry only has a handful of agencies providing training for nursery and kindergarten services, she said.Lawyer Mohammad Al-Abadi said that those violating the law confront 7 years in prison and fine of as much as SR700,000.