Talking With A Top Curator At Amazon Art, On The Art Of Reinventing Art Buying

Im the Senior Manager of Business Development at Amazon Art. I recruit and manage galleries and dealerships to sell on the platform in addition to arrange Amazons existence at art fairs around the country, spreading out the word to the generalpublic. Although Amazon is a huge name, and a brand name known throughout the world, Amazon Art is still not on the radar of lots of individualslots of people, and simply now ending up being known. Even internally at Amazon, lots of people haven’t become aware of Amazon Art. So, Im an ambassador for getting the word out, on every level, and to every audience. Im always thinking of innovative methods to reach a more worldwide audience, collectors in the art world, individuals desiringwishing to collect art, and consumers who are currently acquiring from Amazon. As you understand Amazon is everything about the client, so we work on things like returns and shipping with the Amazon system, in addition to making it a stellar art site within Amazon.